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Seiblishof Spa

Experience peace and quiet, and regenerate in our spa. Make time stand still and let us take you to a world of pampering for body, soul and senses. Our generous Seiblishof SPA promises hours of comfortable relaxation. 

Ourcrystal indoor pool

Plunge in and enjoy …

30 °C warmwater (12 x 10 m), including massaging jets, a waterfall shower and counter flow. Comfortable loungers are beckoning to sit back and relax in the chill-out room. 
Infrared sauna (clothed) – ideal for the whole family (in operation all day long).
Toddler pool at 32°Cwith water toys and a small slide.

Seiblishof Sauna World


Strengthen your body’s defences and circulation in a natural manner. 

  • Classic sauna: fragrant Tyrolean mountain pine and high temperatures ranging from 80-100°C 
  • Bio sauna:  soothing aromatic sauna infusions at temperatures ranging from 60-70°C
  • Herbal steam bath (Kräuter Dampfbad – 1 Wort): Eucalyptus scent, high humidity, temperatures ranging from 45-50 °C  (Eukalyptusduft,hohe– Leerzeichen nach Komma) 
  • Brine steam bath: Salt peeling, brine, high humidity, temperatures ranging from 40-45°C
  • Infrared sauna: Gentle warmth, coloured lightand ambient music at 38 °C
  • Generous chill-out room with waterbeds and relaxation lounges
  • Themed showers
  • Kneipp area
  • Fresh air area
  • Tea bar&water fountain



Massage & Vital Centre


Nature presents us with everything we need to stay healthy and feel well. That is why we only use “CHRYSTAL”spa products, as they are the only ones consisting of 100% natural ingredients from the Alps.

Massages & spa treatments

Let loose and focus on your wellbeing and inner balance. We recommend you book treatments when booking your room, and are happy to assist you with finding the right treatments.

Classic massages

Full body massage

approx. 50 min. - € 67,00

The classic full body massage, concentrating individual on your most strained body parts, to guarantee utmost relaxation.

Montana mountain massage

approx. 80 min. - € 95,00

To loosen the muscles, improve blood circulation and relieve tension. Adjusted to your most stressed body part.

Montana sport massage

approx. 50 min. - € 72,00

If you suffer from strained and sore muscles maybe you simple need a bit more than just a massage. Indiviuall full-body treatment with arnica massage milk, depending on your body's strained areas.

Anti stress massage

approx. 40 min. - € 54,00

Is a massage to help with stress, tension, nervousness and headache.

Partial massage

approx. 25 min. - € 38,00

To get perfect relaxation for the back, shoulder/neck, arms, legs or feet.

Foot massage

approx. 40 min. - € 54,00

A smoothing foot massage to take some of your tension in the feet after a long day or strenuous activity.

Face and head massage

approx. 25 min. - € 40,00

A gentle massage of the head and neck region with arnica tonic. To refill your energies and to solve blockages and tension.

Aromaoil massage

additional charge € 4,00

By all classic massages, instead of our basic almond oil you can choose one of our special massage oils with different active ingredients: Arnica, St. John's wort, Marmot oil, Swiss Pine,...
From nature - for nature
Nature gives us everything we need to stay healthy and feel good. That is why we only use "Chrystal" wellness products, because only these products consist of 100% natural active ingredients from our alpine region.

Wellness treatments

Chrystal honey peeling massage with alpine crystal salt

ca. 40 Min. - € 54,00

Very calming and nourishing effects on your skin. Honey provides the slin with valuable vitamins and mineral nutrients.

Swiss Pine Vitality massage

approx. 50 min - € 75,00

A treatment to improve the blood circulation of the whole body and loosens tensions and blockades, with use of warm, different sized rods made of swiss pine.

Hot Stone massage

ca. 50 Min. - € 74,00

This massage involves hot stones and is known as a natural shaman therapy that reduces stress symtoms. The experience is energetically balancing, calming and focusing on the mind.


ca. 50 Min. - € 75,00

Traditional hawaiian body treatment and the queen of massages. Flowing movements in rythm of breathing and music makes the time stand still.

Singing bowl massage

approx. 50 min. - € 75,00

The goal of the treatment is to harmonize the flow of energy in the body through our water metabolism.

Herbal stamps massage

part body treatment, back and legs approx. 50 min. - € 75,00 whole body treatment approx. 80 min. - € 99,00

A massage with steam-heated herbal stamps is the best way to indulge in a whole new world of deep relaxation, with a massage milk of your choice. Arnica for vitality or St. John's wort for relaxation.

Body treatments

Detox treatment

approx. 50 Min. - € 85,00

With this treatment you have a very effective and profound method of detoxification. The custom made organic treatment releases the body of ballast, supplies new energy and regenerates. It is an intensiv revitalising treatment for sluggish systems and the ultimative kick for every health programme.

Body Packing

approx. 25 min. - € 40,00 in addition to a massage - € 35,00

Sport & Vitality Body Pack
… activate blodd circulation, loosen tensions and cramped muscels. This body pack is applied only on the concerning body part, because it has a very cooling effect on your body.

Regeneration & anti-aging body pack
… regenerate the body's cells and skin texture - reducing cellulite and preventing stretch marks in pregnancy.

Alpine herbs & moor peat body pack
… enhances your overall well-being, strengthens your body, intensifies blood circulation and metabolism and has a high relaxing effect at the same time.

Mountan hay body pack
Hay has a calming effect and is very good for sleep disorder, but also for throat compains and symptoms in renal-coccyx area.


ca. 25 Min. - € 45,00

Arnica, honey-swiss pine or St. John's wort & Biopir Peeling made out of pure stone slat and micronised zeolith providing valuable trace elements and important minerals. The combination of preciious olive oil and whey allows for optimum nourishing of your skin and intensive hydration.

Seiblishof - DAY SPA  

Day guests – WELCOME. Even if you are not staying at the hotel, we welcome you to the Seiblishof SPA. (öfffnen– ein f zu viel; SPA´s– richtige Schreibweise SPAs)

Immerse yourself in a peaceful and tranquil environment, where relaxation and rest are at the core. We welcome you to the Seiblishof DAY SPA. (Wir heißen Sie herzlich Willkommen– willkommen klein).

Day SPA Good Morning

  • Gourmet breakfast buffet from 08.00 to 10.30 am
  • Day entry to the Seiblishof SPA from 09.00 am to08.00 pm
  • Use of the gym
  • Tea, water and fresh fruitsfrom the SPA buffet
  • Rental pool bag with bathrobe, beach towel and slippers 
  • €50.-per person

Day SPA Classic

  • Day entry to the Seiblishof SPA from 09.00 am to08.00 pm
  • Use of the gym
  • Tea, water and fresh fruitsfrom the SPA buffet
  • Rental pool bag with bathrobe, beach towel and slippers 

€35.-per person

New: Day SPA Night –every Friday

  • Entry to the Seiblishof SPA from 07.00 to 10.00 pm
  • Use of the gym
  • Tea, water and fresh fruitsfrom the SPA buffet
  • Rental pool bag with bathrobe, beach towel and slippers 

€26.-per person

Our Day Spa can be booked according to availability and upon request. We kindly ask you to book in advance.

Our reception team will happily assist you with further information and advise you on the right choice in terms of spa and beauty treatments. 

phone: 0043 5444 5425, email: