Weather in Ischgl

morning, 15.06.2024
Temperature 9°C/48°F
Sun 50%
Frost Border 3100m
afternoon, 15.06.2024
Temperature 11°C/52°F
Sun 30%
Frost Border 2900m
Sunday, 16.06.2024
Temperature 17°C/63°F
Sun 50%
Frost Border 3500m
Monday, 17.06.2024
Temperature 20°C/68°F
Sun 70%
Frost Border 4100m
A cold front is extending to our region from the North. It will not arrive here before the night, however in the hours before the arrival, the first thunderstorms may form, as is often the case with cold fronts. The first thunderstorms will break out in the morning being followed by further thunderstorms during the afternoon.
From Sunday we will see an improvement in the weather: The weather over the next few days will be influenced by high pressure and a warm southerly air flow accompanied by foehn winds.