Weather in Ischgl

morning, 11.12.2023
Temperature 2°C/36°F
Sun 10%
Frost Border 2100m
afternoon, 11.12.2023
Temperature 3°C/37°F
Sun 20%
Frost Border 2200m
Tuesday, 12.12.2023
Temperature 5°C/41°F
Sun 30%
Frost Border 2400m
Wednesday, 13.12.2023
Temperature 5°C/41°F
Sun 10%
Frost Border 2100m
It is amazing how persistent the low pressure has been over Central Europe, recently. A new area of low pressure will extend to our region from England. The clouds will quickly increase from the west and may produce rainfall at times.
The next few days will not bring any significant changes in the weather and we will keep the fairly high temperatures.