Relaxation at its best


Finally, you have time to let go and arrive in the here and now; to feel yourself, close your eyes and let your heartbeat set the pace. The spacious Seiblishof SPA area welcomes you with a crystal pool and its own sauna world, setting the perfect scene for you to let go and relax.

Seiblishof Crystal Pool

Dive in and enjoy …

The pleasant temperature of the Seiblishof crystal pool lets you truly enjoy the energising and regenerating properties of the crystal-clear water that makes you feel as if you were floating. A waterfall shower, massaging jets and counter currents are just some of the highlights rounding off the pool with its 30°C warm water. Comfortable deck chairs invite you to sit back, relax and revel in the peace and quiet of the aptly named quiet room. Our fluffy robes make your rest all the cosier. 

Lots of fun for our young guests

Our youngest guests can while away the time in the toddler pool with its pleasant temperature of 32°C and get active with an array of water toys or on the slide. All kids are welcome in the family-friendly infrared sauna all day long. 

The Seiblishof Crystal Pool awaits you:

  • 12x10m indoor pool
  • 30°C warm water 
  • Massaging jets
  • Waterfall shower
  • Counter currents
  • Quiet room with comfortable deck chairs 
  • Infrared sauna
  • Toddler pool with 32°C warm water, water toys and a short slide

Seiblishof Sauna World

The healing powers of sweating …


When walking through doors of the unique Seiblishof sauna world you are entering a realm of slow living and calm. The clock’s pace seems decelerated and you will soon feel the restorative effect that the stress-free atmosphere in here has on your system. Enjoy the constant alternation between steaming heat and refreshing cold and let go of all your everyday worries.

A choice of saunas

You like dry heat? Or do you prefer to get invigorated by mild temperatures? You enjoy the smell of essential oils paired with high levels of humidity?
Our sauna world is a gem of versatility – here you can sweat to your heart’s content. Feel the cleansing power and feel your tired muscles slacking off while the pain built up during a day on the slopes dissipates and your immune systems gets a natural boost. And if that was not enough, extensive sweating also causes a glowing and silky skin. 

After having cleared your lungs in the crystal-clear alpine air outside the SPA you can go and relax on one of the comfy deck chairs or waterbeds in the aptly named quiet room. Here you can quench your thirst for silence, freedom and relaxation and bring the cog wheels that keep your daily routine going to a halt. 

The Seiblishof Sauna World awaits you:

  • Classic sauna: Aromatic mountain pine infusions and high temperatures of 80-100°C
  • Bio-sauna: Soothing aromatic infusions at temperatures of 60-70°C
  • Herbal steam bath: Eucalyptus aromas, high levels of humidity and temperatures of 45-50°C 
  • Brine steam bath: Salt peeling, brine, high levels of humidity and temperatures of 40-45°C
  • Infrared sauna: Soothing warmth, coloured lights and relaxing background music at a temperature of 38°C
  • Spacious quiet zone with water beds and comfortable deck chairs
  • Vitalising showers
  • Kneippp area
  • Outside area
  • Tea bar & water fountain

Pool aera

  • Pool & children's pool
  • Entrance
  • Shower
  • Relaxation room 1
  • WC
  • Hairdryer and towels
  • Relaxation room 2
  • Wardrobe
  • Stairs (access sauna)

Sauna area